Smash-It Body Coaching and Training Terms and Conditions

Congratulations on deciding to invest in yourself! We appreciate your focus and dedication to achieving your goals and look forward to a great relationship. Please take note of the following terms and conditions that will create the foundation and guidelines for your training time with Smash-It Body Coaching. Our accreditations are as a Personal Trainer with HFPA, and as a Nutritionist with Precision Nutrition and International Sports Science Association. 

  1. Payment Terms

1.1    EFT

Payment of services is to be made before any coaching sessions taking place. Payment must be made via EFT into the nominated account at the bottom of your monthly invoice.                                          

In the interests of security, be advised that Smash-It Body Coaching and Training will never send you an e-mail advising you of the change of our banking details. Any such email is an attempt to defraud you by inducing you to make payment to a fraudulent bank account. Should you receive such an email, please contact our offices immediately.

 2. Cancellations, Refunds and Discontinuation

 2.1 Daily Session Cancellations

Your trainer requests a 24-hour notice of cancellation from you. Failing which will result in you being charged your regular session rate.

2.2 Frozen Sessions

If you are unable to continue your scheduled digital training sessions due to medical reasons, you will need to submit a letter from your doctor restricting exercise; your sessions will then be frozen until you are able to return.

2.3 Discontinuations

    • Immediate cancellations that have been paid for in advance will be refunded at 50% of the value of the remaining value.
    • Sessions cancelled due to death or hospitalizations of will be refunded in full.
    • If for any reason you need to discontinue training with your trainer a 30-day written notice is required.
  1. Tardiness
    • If your coach is more than 10 minutes late, you will receive a complimentary session of training arranged at a mutually convenient time for you. If you are late for your session, there will be a reduction in the session length equal to the time you are late. You will be billed at the scheduled rate.
  1. Health Concerns

4.1        Your coach is not medically qualified and cannot diagnose nor prescribe treatment for any form of injury, disease or any other medical condition.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically fit to exercise and, if you are unsure, you should seek medical advice before you embark on a new coaching program with Smash-It. Prior to, or during your training, health concerns may arise that need further input from your doctor, physiotherapist and/or other health professionals. Your coach may request your assistance in obtaining that information. As you are a consumer of our product, this information will be treated in accordance with the Protection of Private Information Act No 4 of 2013 and for the sole purposes of Smash-It Body Coaching and Training.

4.2       The Client indemnifies Smash-It Body Training and Coaching from any and all injuries, ailments and conditions which may be identified while under the training program, unless caused by willful misconduct and negligence.   

  1. General

You are in control of your workouts and you have the right to stop an exercise or work-out at any time! If an exercise is uncomfortable or painful, or if you want to stop for any reason, you may do so. If an exercise is painful for you to do, or you have an injury or other limitation that makes it difficult for you to continue, Smash-It coaches can substitute another exercise to work that muscle group. Clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water during the workout. Remember, you will get from your workout what you put in. Smash-It coaches will show you how to work your muscles correctly and encourage you to go to your safe limit, but whether you reach your goal is ultimately up to you. You are the only one who can make sure you work out consistently (missing workouts is a guarantee to get nowhere!), eat properly, rest enough, and live a healthy lifestyle.

  1. 100% money back guarantee
    • We believe in results and that’s why the selected programs and fitness plans come with a 14-day 100% money back guarantee with digital training sessions if you adhere to everything, we plan for you and still don’t achieve any results.
    • To be eligible for the money back guarantee you need to follow and complete everything we advise in the program. This includes;
      using all the recommended online nutritional coaching, to attend all personal training sessions, quit smoking from before the first session, stop all alcohol consumption in your diet, keep an active food diary of every meal and drink you consume on a daily basis, use all our exercise plans, exercising a minimum of 5 times a week and keep an exercise diary of the days of your workout. It’s strict but this is how we get results.
  1. Contract Period
    • We believe that we can help you journey towards the best version of yourself and achieve the desired results. Upon commencement of your first session you acknowledge that your relationship with Smash-It is for a minimum of 6 months and thereafter on a month to month basis with 1 months’ notice period of discontinuation.