Most frequent questions and answers

This is a healthy lifestyle program that empowers you to build the right habits around sleep, exercise, nutrition and hydration. 

This program is designed from the beginner to the more experienced individual. Through the goal setting questionnaire and consultation with your coach you will establish your starting point and then add to your lifestyle habits at a pace that you can handle. 

We check in every week, but you have access to reach out to your coach at any time.

Accountability is key to achieving the results that you want. With 24/7 support to our clients we guide you on the right choices and offer the right nudges at the right time.

In today’s day and age you can be anywhere at anytime and still focus on adhering to the guidelines established with your coach. Whether you decide to go to the gym or exercise in the comfort of your home that does not matter. Your program is personalised to make sure that you smash your goals. 

Your plan will be sent to you within 24 hours of receiving payment.

Results are dependent on the individual, typical results are 500g- 700g per week, with an average loss of 8-10cm after a 4 week period. 

We would love to say that you can eat anything that you want, but the reality is that we need to include some super foods and portion control into your nutritional plan in order to create the desired response. Your body type plays a major role in establishing the balance between your macro-nutrient requirements. 

The program is structure around YOU! Creating habits are challenging but the feeling of achieving those results is just amazing. With the support offered by your coach any road block that you face will be easily surpassed. 

The short answer is YES! The reason that you will be smashing your goals is because as individuals we are always better when someone is watching.  

You will be sent and invite to meet your coach in the training room. This is where the magic happens as exercise correction, demonstration and execution happens. We make use of what equipment you have available to achieve your desired goals.

Yes, actually you can have 2.