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 Our 30-min At-Home Body-Weight Workouts will get your endorphins flowing.

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What do we offer?

We offer digital Workouts and Wellness coaching based on what you want to achieve, whether it be weight loss, strength or just getting fitter.

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We focus on the 4 Key areas of health


Sleep is the biggest key to living a happy and long life. Let's help you build your routine to get your mind and body function at its peak.


Building an eating plan that is based on scientific principles that will improve your body composition, health and performance.


Drinking water enhances and assists your body to speed up your metabolism.


What type of training is best suited to your body type? Yes, training methods affect individuals differently and so we should be doing what we are designed for.

Live Interactive Workouts

R 399 per month
  • Interactive Live Workouts
  • 35min Coach-Led Workouts
  • BootCamp on Mondays
  • Strength on Wednesdays
  • HIIT on Fridays
  • Pilates on Saturdays

28-Day Body Transformation

R 999 per month
  • Detailed Goal Setting
  • Nutritional Plan
  • Weekly Check-In
  • In-App Accountability
  • Monthly Assessment
  • Meal Plan, Shopping List
  • Next-Level Support

12 Week Body Transformation

R 1299 per month
  • Live Interactive Workouts
  • Phase 1 - Foundation
  • Phase 2 - Customisation
  • Phase 3 - Take control
  • Next-Level Support
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